Watching And Motivating Your Dog

Pay Close Attention

Your Dog’s Name – ‘The Motivator’

Everyone wants their dog to be responsive to their name.  Therefore, always associate your dog’s name with positives.  Teach your dog to LOVE their name by teaching him or her that all good stuff comes with their name.  Once your dog has learned to love his name, don’t wear it out with over-use!  Conversely, never call your dog’s name in association with punishment, perceived or otherwise.

Did you know that a dog’s name is typically a motivator and tends to get him ready to move? Therefore try using your dog’s name ahead of the movement words such as “come”, “heel” or “let’s go”. And then, try not to use it ahead of stationary word cues such as “sit”, “stay”, or “down”. During the teaching stage, it will help you both succeed because he will be less likely to move if you just simply say “stay” rather than “Fluffy, stay” for example.