Concepts To Start

As excited as you may be to embark on your training, there are some prerequisites!  What has made these training programs so successful, are my Core Concepts.

These make up the very essence and unique structure of Mann’s Best Friend, and represent the philosophies with which you will attain reliable results and an understanding that will last a lifetime.

To ensure that you become the best dog / teacher team ever, the Core Concepts topics will be referenced throughout the program.

You could even consider these best practices in regards to training maintenance, and guidelines for your daily life going forward with your family pet!

Happy Dog, Happy Family!

How to Use this Program

  • You can return at any time to any of the lessons you have completed.
  • The system will remember your progress and will display progress bars for your convenience and encouragement!
  • This course is laid out in a very specific order, so after each lesson or video you will need to click: Complete and Continue, before you are able to advance to the next section. So while another topic may be of interest you, you will benefit greatly by going in the order I have created for you here.
  • Each lesson contains multiple topics which are also individual lessons. The very first lesson is Concepts to Start, which contains four of my most significant training secrets including: Dog Speak, Body Language and the Five Senses. When implemented they will make clear the communication between you and your dog, and as a result, greatly speed up your training and relationship building.
  • Several other Core Concepts are sprinkled throughout the program at appropriate times for better absorption and actual application.
  • You are working towards the biggie: Walking at the Heel where you will accomplish walking without pulling, something that escapes ninety percent of the dog owning population! I will take you step-by-step through the process that we accomplish each and every day at L.A. School for Dogs using videos of REAL DOGS, doing their REAL lessons, and show you the REAL RESULTS.
  • The rest of the course lessons will be filling in the blanks on “come”, “place” and generalizing behaviors as explained below. The result is a complete toolbox of skills you can use to both solve most any problem, and also to make your life together enjoyable and rewarding just like it should be!

Let’s get started!